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Aesthetic Physician and Cosmetic Surgeon Anti-aging and Total Wellness Specialist. High-achieving women who want the best in life is how Dr. Alice Premitha Michael aptly describes her patients. Armed with 25 years of experience as a physician, with the last 10 devoted to aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, she, too, perfectly fits that mould.

Her thirst for knowledge, coupled with a curious mind, ensures that she passionately updates her portfolio with the latest research in medical treatments and technologies. She also develops her own health-related products, customising anti-aging and skin-related products to suit each client.

“It was to meet the changing needs of my patients that prompted me to venture into preventive health. Instead of just treating diseases,” she says of her multi-disciplinary and fast-moving field. “It is also an opportunity to learn new things and be innovative.”

Many people, mostly women, want to age gracefully and look youthful. They usually know what they want. So, with her carefully curated treatments Dr. Alice offers immediately measurable changes with minimally invasive procedures. Best results in face and body enhancements are attained with minimal recovery time, using the most sophisticated tools and appropriate procedures.

The most popular treatment in her clinics is body shaping, using the Lipo Selection method. Permanent fat reduction is achieved in one sitting, with her patients immediately returning to their daily routine. Naturally, she tests procedures on herself to detect body sensations and reactions. This helps her gauge recovery period, too, as most of her patients are pressed for time.

Dr. Alice is already moving ahead. She says the next step in cosmetic enhancement is to permanently reduce fat, refashion skin tone and rejuvenate cells to self-repair damaged skin. She will also be launching her Holistic Wellness Centre in April 2012.
Despite the common misconceptions about the cosmetic surgery industry, Dr. Alice is confident that practitioners’ expertise lies in their qualifications, licenses and experience. Thus, she spends a lot of time at the diagnosis stage to advise her patients, as well as structuring procedures that suit them best.

The essence of beauty, Dr Alice believes, is measurable: a positive outlook, healthy self-esteem and growing confidence, all of which are noted in her book to help her patients achieve their potential.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery / MBBS, India • Licentiate Member of Faculty of Occupational Medicine / LFOM • Royal College of Physicians, Ireland • Member of Faculty of Occupational Medicine / MFOM • Royal College of Physicians, Ireland • Master in Family Medicine (Clinical ) / MFM, Australia • Diploma in Reproductive Medicine / DRM – Malaysia • Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery • Member of American Board of Laser Surgery • Diploma in Dermatology, Cardiff, UK • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis/ LCCH • Member of Australian College of Aesthetic Surgeons • Diploma from American Academy for Restorative and Aesthetic Medicine • ASM Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine • Master Certificate in Botox and Fillers • Committee Member, Society for Anti-aging Medicine Malaysia • Fellowship in Integrated Sports Medicine • Member of European College of Aesthetic Medicine.


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